A Plan for a Healthy Lifestyle

The Importance of Exercise

Exercise helps us to either lose or maintain a healthy weight and lower the risk of certain diseases. Exercising regularly lowers a person’s risk of developing obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure to name but a few. Exercise can also help us age well.

These are some of the benefits of regular exercise and having read the first two paragraphs you now feel motivated to start an exercise regime straight away? Yes you do, you are really enthusiastic and ready to start!! However feeling motivated after reading the positives of exercise and actually starting that “plan of action” is not all that easy.

Planning a Healthy Lifestyle

To accomplish a true balance in your daily life, you need to look at your work and family commitments, your social life, your exercise and your diet plan. They must all work together in harmony. The same way as planning a holiday with the flights, accommodation, transfers and sightseeing.

When making any plan you have to take all aspects of life into account. To achieve the “best version of yourself” you have to be realistic. You need to look at all your commitments and free time to make sure this plan will work alongside these external factors.

Exercise Plan

Looking at the above information you can see that by adding just half an hour of brisk walking into your day, five times a week, you will be on your way to a healthier lifestyle. This activity can be completed at any time of the day. Whether you walk to work or perhaps a brisk walk after your evening meal.

Resistance Exercise

The UK Government guidelines for strength exercise

Adults should do activities to develop or maintain strength in the major muscle groups. These could include heavy gardening, carrying heavy shopping, or resistance exercise. Muscle strengthening activities should be done at least two days a week, but any strengthening activity is better than none. “

Back to the Plan

By just by changing a few simple things in your day to day life, could make a big impact on your health and well-being. Adding a half an hour brisk walk to your day, five times a week and adding weight bearing activities twice a week will improve both your cardio and bone health.

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