Handy Explores How to Buy the Right Gift for Your Wedding Party


It’s your special day, the important occasion that you’ve been waiting for your whole life. Your whole life is going to change and it’s all possible due to the support of your family members and lovely friends. Handy believes that the best way to convey your appreciation to them for all their help is to give them something appropriate as a gift. However, it is not easy to decide what you should gift and to whom. There is no correct price range or item list that you need to stick to as long as you are sincere.

The Ideas

Gifts for family members both new and old 

Your closest family members have been with you since the beginning, staying by your side when you needed them the most. Now, you can add another set of parents to the list who only wish you good. A sweet favorite photo framed with the fondest memories, a monthly subscription service, or a treat to their favorite restaurant can be a great gift for your parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.

For the ‘mother of the bride or groom’, a beautiful chain or glass set with a personalized message is good while for the ‘Father of the bride or groom’, a pocket watch with a personalized gift box or personalized mug or pint glass can be a good gift.

Gifts for Honor Attendants 

You’re ‘Best Man’ or the ‘Maid/Matron of Honor’ has some serious responsibilities. They have volunteered to organize the bridesmaid or groomsmen, take care of all the small details of the wedding, and stayed by your side as an anchor, offering your practice advice and emotional relief. The classic jewelry box or silver compact is a great gift for the female honor attendant where the classic personalized best-man pocket watch or best-man mug is suitable for the male honor attendant.

Gifts for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Your bridesmaid or groomsmen are some of your best friends. They also offer you emotional support and help with a lot of things such as dress shopping, picking up dresses, flowers, etc. For the females, a personalized paperweight or bracelet is a good gift. For the males, a personalized hipflask or glass plaque can be a good gift.


Handy believes that writing your loved ones a sincere note along with the gift would make your gift truly meaningful. It would help to strengthen the bond and add a very personal touch to the gifts.

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