How to Plan Healthy and Meaningful Holidays?

Have you ever come home from a holiday feeling more tired than before? The trip was supposed to be a relaxing break from your busy days at work, but it turned out to be more stressful than your everyday life. 

The solution to end your stressful holidays is slow travel

What is slow travel? Slow travel is about leaving the place better than you found it. No rush, less intensity, more in-depth experiences of the place you’re visiting. This is not only helping you get a relaxing and valuable holiday, but it also contributes to the destination and its people.

Tip one: longer holidays

Slow travel is when you take longer holidays, and instead of experiencing the place as a tourist, you start living as the locals. The idea is that you explore each destination at a slower pace, to be able to experience all that the place has to offer.

Tip two: sustainable accommodation

A big difference between slow travel holidays and your usual vacations is that you live in a holiday rental instead of hotels and the all-inclusive accommodations. Think about gites, huts, cottages, agriturismos. The accommodation will be your home away from home. It’s so much more authentic when you stay in a local home.

Tip three: avoid mass tourism destinations

Aren’t you fed up with the overcrowded touristic places? It’s not only you! The locals in those places are also tired from the tourists. You can never truly enjoy a destination if you are constantly surrounded by hundreds of people who are also trying to do the same thing.

Sustainable holidays

Slow travel is the best way to have a sustainable holiday. Next to all the personal benefits of this type of stay, you also make a positive contribution to the environment and the locals! Travelling for a longer period means you will probably have less journeys in a year. Quality over quantity. Fewer trips mean less CO2 emissions.

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