Nintendo Switch in Android? Qualcomm Plans to Copy Console for Just $300 and Set to Launch on Q1 2022

The Nintendo Switch has reportedly been able to gain some incredible success to the point that it might have just spawned some particularly similar looking devices from a slew of countless different manufacturers. Quite interestingly, it now looks like the upcoming Nintendo Switch clone could have been coming from Qualcomm, the known producer of the chipsets that are usually found in a number of flagship Android devices.

Qualcomm Android console

According to Android Police reports on Tuesday, March 23,  Qualcomm is now planning to release a new Android-powered game console that should be designed quite similar to the said Nintendo Switch. There were no images published, but the said device has reportedly included a detachable Joycon-style controller on both sides which is reportedly going to be manufactured by the said currently-unknown “premium supplier” in the whole controller space.

The upcoming console is reportedly expected to be able to support video output, have a 6,000mAh battery, 5G connectivity, SD card slot, and a new Qualcomm QuickCharge support. The console will also reportedly run on the Android 12 operating system along with a new customized launcher and also full support of Google’s new apps and services.

Nintnedo Switch-like Android console

According to the story by XDA Developers, Qualcomm, as of the moment, is allegedly in talks along with Epic Games to possibly include the Epic Games app on the given console which would give gamers a faster access to Fortnite as well as some other games that Epic might just publish on its said Android store somewhere in the future.

Nintendo Switch-like console price and release date

The price would suggest an 800-series Snapdragon chip to be most likely included. There is still a lot of time left this 2021 for Qualcomm to be able to announce the new potential chipsets. The article by XDA Developers notes that they were able to confirm on Twitter that Qualcomm is really working on a certain reference design for the upcoming Android Switch-like console. Although it still wasn’t too sure if it would then end up as a final product fully designed and also sold by Qualcomm.

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