Top 6 Healthiest Intramural College Sports At The Rec Center

It’s back to school week and time to get your schedule in order for the semester. You are already paying for your rec center, so take advantage of it! Most campuses offer plenty of intramural sports and activities that can provide a much-needed healthy influence in your life. Check out our list of the healthiest intramural college activities below!

Indoor Soccer

The most popular sport in the world, soccer is also the perfect activity for college students to take up in their freetime. Indoor soccer is more fast-paced than its outdoor counterpart, and can be played at any time of the year.


Spike! Volleyball is offered in just about every rec center in the country and college is the perfect time to get into this amazing sport. Whether you play in a gym or an a sand court, volleyball builds muscular strength since you are in a squat practically the whole game. Plus, if you learn volleyball in college, you can jump in a pick-up game for every beach vacation for the rest of your life!

Ultimate Frisbee

Nothing is more quintessentially college than tossing the frisbee around the quad on a sunny afternoon. But if you want to take your disc tossing from lackadaisical to cut-throat competitive then you should join an ultimate frisbee intramural team.


Racquetball isn’t just for professors. It is a fun and fast paced game played on campuses across the country. Take on your roommate or challenge a rando at the courts, and get a full body workout in along the way. Racquetball utilizes nearly every muscle group and is a great calorie burner.


One of the most popular games in the entire world, basketball is a great pick-up sport for intramural college athletes. Most college gyms divide the courts between rookie and advanced players, so you can always be going against people your skill level. Just about every college in the world also has rec basketball league.


So there’s a way to learn how to defend yourself, increase your athleticism, make friends, compete against rival schools, and you can do it all for cheap in your school’s rec center??? There are plenty of health benefits to learning martial arts. They increase your self-confidence and improve your cardiovascular health.

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