3 SEO Predictions for 2021

Will SEO change in 2021? Well, I’m going to show you three of my SEO predictions for 2021, based on my experience working in this industry, since 2015.

1) CTR

2) Voice Search

3) AMP

SEO Prediction 1, (CTR)

So in SEO predictions, number one is you can expect fewer clicks.  So searchers are clicking on organic results less than ever, and many variables are responsible for this, but two of the biggest culprits are,

1) More SERP features which are featured snippets, instant answers and knowledge boxes reduce organic CTR.

2) Aggressive Google ads. So what’s the best way for Facebook, Google, or any ad giant to increase revenue in the short term?

Well, they will force you to pay for ads by reducing organic reach, and I do believe Google cares about delivering quality answers for searchers, but don’t forget, they will always care more about pleasing their shareholders. Google will do what it takes to increase CTR  for their advertisers, and never forget that. So the question is, how increase your organic CTR?

SEO Prediction 2, (Voice Search)

So in SEO predictions, number two is voice search becomes more popular. Now the voice isn’t the future, it’s already here. According to Bright Local, 60% of purchasers have used voice seeks to locate nearby commercial enterprise facts with inside the final 12 months. Now, here is the best news. You do not actually need to do something new to optimize for voice seek.

SEO Prediction 3, (AMP)

And now in SEO predictions, number three is that mobile search continues to dominate. Now this is a no-brainer here, but most searches are on a mobile device. And to be exact, 52% of all website traffic was generated through mobile phones according Statistic.


SEO is still the ideal internet advertising station in 2021.Now despite these changes or perceived challenges, SEO is more alive than ever. It’s definitely harder and requires more skill sets, but that’s a good thing. It’s good for those that are willing to learn, take action, and those that are willing to be patient.

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