5 Kerala best stuff to do

In natural beauty, there is a particular form of uniqueness. The list of photos for any traveller planning to visit Kerala is given here. This is a complete list.

1. Kerala eat stall snacks- Bonda, Sukhiyan

There are stalls across Kerala serving special Kerala snacks such as Bonda, Sukhiyan & Pazhampori (Banana Fritters ). Take a while to snack some of the hot tea on a vacation in Kerala.

2. Enjoy Paragliding’s adventure.

As a region dotted with rivers, beaches, and hills, Kerala is perfect for adventure, and its promise seems far away. Trekking, climbing rock climbing, camping in hills and water adventure activities in Kerala are common adventure activities.

3. Wet yourself under the cascades.

Kerala has plenty of magnificent cascades such as ‘Athirapally falls,’ also known as the ‘Niagara Falls in India.’ In June, August, and September, during monsoon seasons you will have the opportunity to drink under the waterfalls and to hear the musical sound of falling waters. Whenever you drive to Munnar you will see several soothing waterfalls where you can relax.

4. Museum visit.

The Kerala museums are renowned for craftsmanship, historical decorations, ivory carts, and masks made of the Kathakali faces. In January and March, you must visit us.

5. Take a look at the Zoo.

For every animal lover, zoos and zoological parks must be visited. In the Trivandrum Zoo, there is a close view of wildlife as well as beautiful lakes and lawns, which will freshen your skin.

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