The best answer I can give you is: It’s debatable. So, what I recommend is to see a naturopath, a chiropractor, or someone who’s trained in physiological testing—whether it’s applied kinesiology, or saliva testing, or blood testing. A good health care professional can find out what sort of things might be going on in your body.

Using a test as a baseline, you can then start a health regimen. Go back to your practitioner in one to two months for a follow up and see if the protocol you’ve been following is working. I believe that is really one of the best ways to regulate your progress or health. We can get so caught up eating smoothies (or anything else) and think that we’re getting the best nutrition in the world.

However, if our digestive system isn’t functioning properly, all those nutrients just go out the other end—without being assimilated into the body. You can get sick or tired (or sick and tired), or you could get a rash on your stomach (or any other number of things), and you may think you’re eating healthfully but wonder why you aren’t experiencing optimal health.


Maybe it’s because your digestive system (or your kidneys, your liver, etc.) isn’t working properly. Or, perhaps you’re not flushing out toxins and acidity from the body. Or, maybe it’s something else. The nice thing is that with the tests available today, we don’t have to guess with these things anymore. So, I truly recommend physiological testing.

Last Words:

If you are interested in whether or not taking supplements is necessary, or if you should just drink smoothies, or if you should eat a raw diet, or if you should eat a vegan diet (etc., etc., etc.), then consult a health care practitioner. Get a baseline test and find out how good your health truly is and how to improve it. That keep you from guessing all the time about whether or not something is working.

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