Best Free Password Manager to Save Password 2021

The records of the past seven years say that passwords like “123456” or “password” are the two most used passwords, but by using them you are risking all your accounts that to be hacked easily by the hackers. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you use a different password for all of your online accounts, but remembering different passwords, for different accounts seem to be impossible, but as said nothing in this world is impossible.

What is a password manager?

A password manager is software, which is like a book of your passwords, locked by a master key that only you know which can secure all your passwords at one place. Password managers not only help you to store passwords but help you to generate strong and unique passwords. That means wherever you go from any website to any app you can just copy your password and paste your password by pulling it up from your password manager.

Are they FREE?

The best free password manager you can use are completely FREE and doesn’t cost you anything, therefore you can now easily secure all your accounts. You get different apps for best management of your passwords.

Why are top password managers recommended?

The hackers get easily accessed to your account if you have a weak password. Your one weak password can open doors to all of the accounts you have from social media to the bank account. This may cause you a privacy issue, and can even be more dramatic if the hackers get access to a bank account. The top rated password managers are highly valued.

Is it safe to use password managers?

Yes, they are probably. It is one of the very safe places because they are usually private and confidential; no one can hack them and are under tight security. I use them and they are very much safe and helpful. The safest best password manager are those which keep your information confidential.  


It is the well known and most used lockdown manager. What makes LastPass unique and best is that it is excellent free password organizer software for Windows and other platforms are its existence in the digital world for almost 10 years now. LastPass extensions can be seen on various web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Opera, UC browser, etc. Also, the users can download the LastPass Windows app from Microsoft Store, where you don’t need any browser to open it and can save your time to manage all your passwords in one place.

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